How does tax debt relief work?

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The IRS has many tools it can use to get you to pay your tax debt, and they won’t hesitate to use them! Putting a lien on your property, garnishing your wages, and adding penalties are just some of the things they can do. They can also pull money out of your bank account, hold your refund, and in some cases, they can even revoke your passport. Once the IRS or state agency starts wielding their power and authority, it can be very hard to recover. The quicker you can get the IRS out of your financial life, the better.

With tax debt relief, we work with you to pro-actively engage with the IRS or state agency to come to an agreement on how to get the debt paid off. What this agreement looks like will be different for each person and is greatly dependent on how much debt you have and your financial situation.

When the IRS looks at your case, they are looking at your potential to pay off the debt. If you can prove a financial hardship, the IRS may settle your debt for less than you owe. In many cases they would rather get a little bit of money than nothing at all. Even if you have a high potential to pay, the IRS is still likely to work with you. In a lot of cases, they will remove penalties and stop wage garnishment. They can also establish an affordable payment plan.

At TaxAudit, we can help you figure out the right path so you can get as much tax debt relief as possible. It all starts by calling 855.893.2308 to schedule your free consultation. Our representatives know how to navigate the complex tax laws and regulations and have spent thousands of hours dealing with the IRS in their careers. They are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of taxpayers every day.

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During your appointment, a licensed tax professional will answer your initial questions and determine if we can help based on your financial situation.

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