Community Engagement

We encourage our employees to make a difference – not only through their daily work, but also through the act of giving back in their communities. 

ENGAGE Volunteer Program's Mission Statement

The mission of EVP is to provide opportunities for our employees to help and serve the communities surrounding our local offices. Engaging in our communities and with each other will foster a rewarding environment in the workplace and will enrich our company, our employees, and the community.
"At TaxAudit, our Core Purpose is to help people - and the ENGAGE Volunteer Program allows us to fulfill this purpose through outreach to our local communities. One of the most important aspects of our culture is that we care about all people - not only our members and those we work with, but the people in our communities as well. This is just one of the many reasons we have pride in our organization."

Jane Smith
Chief Experience Officer
"It was an amazing feeling to be there with hundreds of other people giving their time to a common cause. It gives you a new perspective and appreciation of where you are and what you have. Mostly of what you take for granted. The feeling of knowing you affected someone’s life in a positive way even in some small way is priceless."

Eric Vanpraag
Audit Department Manager
"Out of all the reasons I go to work, having a sense of purpose is at the very top of my list. I am grateful that I work for a company that is dedicated to helping people - both through the services we provide, and through our Engage Volunteer Program."

Karen Reed
Director of Communications

Where We Volunteer

Here are just a few of the organizations where our team volunteers.
  • Ticket to Dream
  • OC Food Bank
  • FOOD Share of Ventura County
  • Twin Lakes Food Bank
  • Thomas House
  • Snowline Hospice
  • Front Street Animal Shelter
  • Newport Beach Animal Shelter
  • America's Teaching Zoo
  • TutorMate
  • Sierra Forever Families

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